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Our First Week of Home Preschool

Week one is in the books!  We have officially made it through our first week of home preschool and I could not be happier with how well it went.  Even though I did a significant amount of planning before we started, the days before our first day of homeschool were filled with anxiety, second-guessing, and ALL the doom and gloom.  I had  visions of meltdowns, tantrums, and activities gone awry.  Would I be able to keep myself organized?  Would I get enough sleep (spoiler alert – NO)?  Would the kids HATE school and resent me for it?  I went through it all.  But, with a lot of prayer, we made it through and I am so thrilled to say that everyone is still happy! So, while it’s all fresh in my mind, I thought I’d give a little run-down of how our week went. I focused on getting into a good routine this week.  I wanted something simple and consistent that we would be able to maintain throughout the year.  My kids wake up VERY early (I’m talking 5-6 am), and I usually put on cartoons and we coast till breakfast and then coast again until we finally get around to getting dressed.  I wanted to change that pattern and make a healthier, more productive morning for us so, on Monday, instead of turning on the TV, I kept...

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Planning for the Homeschool Week

Having everything neatly planned out and at my fingertips is a must for me. I don’t have time to flip through a book or do a Pinterest search when I need to refresh my memory on an activity. Meltdowns happen in a matter of minutes here, and telling two antsy toddlers to “just wait a second while Mommy gets it ready” can destroy an afternoon quickly. Read More

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Objectives for 3-4 year Home Preschool

I do not believe in “winging it” when it comes to education. I believe a strong foundation is critical to a solid education and a plan provides that blueprint.  That being said, I have spent countless hours planning for our school year.   Using the Department of Education as a resource, I have compiled our objectives for the year.  It is included below.  Both of my children (who will be 3 and 4 this winter) will follow the same objective list with some exceptions made for my youngest. I will go into detail about our weekly and daily routines in the next post. Learning Standards/Objectives for ages 3-4 (modified from the Dept. of Education) Organizing and Understanding Information Focus attention and participate in task-oriented activities Identify and complete the sequence of familiar activities and tasks Attempt challenging tasks Recognize and create simple patterns Retain and recall information from previous experience Applying Knowledge Use music, art, and stories as a means of self-expression Notice similarities and differences between settings Solve simple problems independently Language and Literacy Answer simple questions about a text Relate text to personal experience when asked Recall an event from a story Tell a story about a picture Ask questions about topics of interest to gain information Engage in reciprocal conversations with peers and adults Math Know number names and count sequence Count to tell the number of...

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Homeschool: An unexpected journey

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be preparing to homeschool, I would have given you major side eye and gone on a rant about the failures of homeschool.  As a high school teacher, I had many homeschool transfers who were so far behind academically that they needed extensive tutoring to catch up.  I had limited views inside what a homeschool day looked like, but what I did see (or heard about) set me firmly against it.  After having children, my husband and I decided that I would quit teaching and stay at home with the kids.  I started thinking about where they would go to school and realized my options were less than ideal.  The school districts where we live weren’t even an option in my mind, but moving to a better district wasn’t an option either.  The word “homeschool” repeatedly popped into my head, and I kept pushing it aside as too ridiculous to even consider. One afternoon, as I was searching for better options, I came across Classical Education.  It was like a neon light went off in my head saying “YES!”  At that moment, homeschool went from being ridiculous to being the solution. From then on out, I read everything I could about the classical method.  I began collecting lists of resources and scouring Pinterest for like-minded homeschool blogs to...

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