Objectives for 3-4 year Home Preschool

I do not believe in “winging it” when it comes to education.

I believe a strong foundation is critical to a solid education and a plan provides that blueprint.  That being said, I have spent countless hours planning for our school year.   Using the Department of Education as a resource, I have compiled our objectives for the year.  It is included below.  Both of my children (who will be 3 and 4 this winter) will follow the same objective list with some exceptions made for my youngest.

I will go into detail about our weekly and daily routines in the next post.

Learning Standards/Objectives for ages 3-4

(modified from the Dept. of Education)

Organizing and Understanding Information

  • Focus attention and participate in task-oriented activities
  • Identify and complete the sequence of familiar activities and tasks
  • Attempt challenging tasks
  • Recognize and create simple patterns
  • Retain and recall information from previous experience

Applying Knowledge

  • Use music, art, and stories as a means of self-expression
  • Notice similarities and differences between settings
  • Solve simple problems independently

Language and Literacy

  • Answer simple questions about a text
  • Relate text to personal experience when asked
  • Recall an event from a story
  • Tell a story about a picture
  • Ask questions about topics of interest to gain information
  • Engage in reciprocal conversations with peers and adults


  • Know number names and count sequence
  • Count to tell the number of objects
  • Use comparative language to show understanding of more and less
  • Sort manipulative into sets
  • Recognize and identify basic shapes in the environment
  • Create simple shapes
  • Classify and categorize objects


  • Identify basic characteristics of living versus non-living things
  • Recognize that plants and animals have basic needs
  • Identify basic parts of living things
  • Notice plants and animals growing and changing
  • Participate in simple investigations to answer a question
  • Notice similarities and differences between living things from the same species
  • Notice changes that occur in animals
  • Describe objects by their charactistics
  • Notice changes in matter
  • Communicate about the motion of objects
  • Categorize familiar sounds
  • Describe earth materials
  • Discuss basic uses of water
  • Describe changes in weather conditions
  • Discuss different places animals can live

Social Studies

  • Follow basic rules
  • Communicate a sense of belonging to a group (such as a class or family)
  • Communicate about a conflict and seek help to resolve
  • Recognize community workers through uniforms and equipment


  • Use maps in play

Creative Thinking

  • Respond to and communicate about music and dance
  • Explore real or make-believe scenarios through play
  • Explore different methods of process art

Health and Wellness

  • Identify body parts
  • Explore healthy food choices
  • Communicate safety practices

Physical Activity

  • Control and coordinate body movement
  • Combine and control body movement
  • Demonstrate balance and strength
  • Coordinate use of fingers, hands, and wrists to accomplish tasks
  • Coordinate eye and hand movements to preform a task
  • Use basic tools

Social and Emotional Development

  • Make connections between emotions and behavior
  • Approach new experiences with confidence
  • Establish goals independently
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Communicate to solve a conflict
  • Recognize the consequences of choices
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion for others

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